English is the most widely understood language on IRC. Some channels choose to speak in their own national language along with this one, in our case Urdu is accepted quite readily and easily. Chatting in other languages is considered rude, as everyone does not comprehend.

Although IRC is mostly unrestricted, nevertheless there are certain rules/etiquette everyone must follow. These so called netiquettes are some codes of conduct or manners on the Internet while people are chatting online.

You don't have to greet every person in a channel personally. A simple "Hello!" typed in the channel would suffice. Similarly, it's nice to say "Bye" when you are about to leave a channel. If there are a few people in the channel, indicate whom your message is addressed to by typing the user's nick and then the message, e.g. "Paro: I'm trying to get your attention."

You should always talk in a language that everyone in the channel will understand. If you wish to speak to friends in a different language, you may create a separate channel and put a language restriction in your topic.

There is a certain topic of some channels, especially national channels. You might dislike this nation, but you certainly have no right to join that channel and immediately start behaving annoyingly (these annoying behaviours include flooding the channel by means of CTCP's and messages. I once a joined a national channel and I was immediately disconnected because some stupid guy was CTCP flooding the channel).
Never flood or dump another person or a channel. That is, sending large amounts of unwanted information. This slows down connection because the server cannot handle the traffic. This could cause him (and possibly you) to be disconnected from IRC.

Always be friendly. Don't pick fights or arguments and antagonize other users. Always abide by the channel rules. Too often a person is kicked from a channel or banned from joining it because he violated a channel's rules. One such violation may be using crude language.


Some IRC clients enable you to automatically greet persons joining the channel even if you are away or talking to other people. You might think this polite but auto greets actually convey you as an insincere person.

Do not harass other users in any way.

Do not lurk or be idle in a channel. Lurking and idling are forms or inactivity and some channels kick lurkers or idlers after a set period of time. This is some time looked on our channel but it may not be on others.

It is often seen that new users join a channel and send everyone a message saying only 'Hi nick' and nothing else. This is the least wanted (at least by me) behaviour on IRC. So it's strongly recommended not to do this. There is an abbreviation ASL, meaning age/sex/location. It is the most disliked thing to do when you ask ASL as the second, third or even first question when starting a conversation. We all come to IRC to have some fun, not to face these kinds of questions.

One thing about to say about nicknames is, you shouldn't choose an offensive nickname such as dictat0r, hornyboy etc. Also choose a nick, which will NOT signal that you want to do more than chat (such as m-23-horny), unless you intentionally did that. Your nickname should be easy to type and remember. An example of a bad nickname would be ||||||. This is a valid nickname, but still it is difficult to remember. What if you ever meet outside of IRC? Would you like your friends to call you pipe-pipe-pipe-pipe-pipe-pipe? (Heh all this original text was written by Halai but look who is editing it underscore-apostrophe-underscore).. so yeah ! keep your nicks ! be creative, but dont get lame.

Never, ever DCC a user you don't know unless you feel appropriate as it might simply be ignored or rejected. DCC is most commonly used among people at a certain layer of trust.

To put it in a nutshell, the netiquettes can be summarized as:

· Remember that you are talking to a human not a machine

· Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you - follow in real life

  • Know where you are in cyberspace

· Respect other people's time and bandwidth

· Make yourself sound good online atleast

  • Share your knowledge
  • Help keep flame wars under control
  • Avoid abusing or insulting others
  • Respect other people's privacy
  • Don't abuse your power

· Be forgiving of other people's mistakes.

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