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Much talked about, but now they're here, black on white, actually gray on green but yeah here they are:

#Pakistan is primarily a family channel. In order to keep some form of decorum in the channel, we have implemented a set of rules and guidelines. These rules, while being viewed by some as being somewhat rigid, allow everyone to enjoy the channel without feeling intimidated or threatened. We do not impose these rules to the letter but ask that you try to follow them. Repeated failure to do so will result in you being kicked out and/or banned from the channel.

Acceptable Use Policy

While connected to Undernet, all users are required to comply with Undernet Acceptable Use Policy. And while present on #Pakistan, all users are required to comply with rules and guidelines on this page.

Section 1. Age

1.1. All users must be at least 13 years of age.

This is to comply with the regulations of cservice and the majority of IRC clients.

Section 2. Language

2.1. English and Urdu

English is the most widely understood language on IRC and hence includes all users in conversation. Urdu being the national language of Pakistan is understood easily by the majority of our users. Chatting in other languages is deemed rude and inconsiderate, as everyone does not comprehend.

2.2. Abusive Language

The use of abusive language is prohibited in all instances. This includes the following:

2.2.1. Swearing/Use of Vulgar language, expletives

2.2.2. Abuse or insult directed at other users/visitors

2.2.3. Abuse or insult directed at the Administrators/Operators

2.2.4. Shouting in the form of capital letters

2.2.5. Use of abusive or vulgar language in Nicknames

2.2.6. Use of sexually explicit language

Section 3. Respect

The following behaviours will not be tolerated:

3.1. Any form of legal or social discrimination, for e.g. racism, sexism, etc.

3.2. Provocative behaviour

This includes inciting comment by making inflammatory or derogatory remarks; Deliberately insulting and abusive behaviour

3.3. Threatening or intimidating behaviour

3.4. Harassment

This includes continually targeting user(s) with any of the above behaviours and those mentioned in section 2, distribution of personal information without the user(s) consent, advertising spiteful and abusive material aimed at user(s), etc.

3.5. Excessive use of abuse as mentioned in section 2.

3.6. Begging for Ops/Mode changes

3.7. Any form of disruptive behaviour not already mentioned

Section 4. General Conduct

The following behaviour is strictly prohibited:

4.1. Flooding

A flood is considered to be any of the following:

3+ consecutive lines of text, including ASCII
3+ lines of repeated text

4.2. Use of scripts

Use of Fserve scripts or other auto-repeating or broadcasting scripts are prohibited. This includes scripts that react to someone typing specific word(s) in the channel.

4.3. Repeated join/parts.

If you're only looking/waiting for someone, add them to your notify list.

4.4. Clones, Bots, bnc's are prohibited in the channel

4.5. Advertising and soliciting information and services

4.6. Advertising other channels and servers

4.7. Advertising url/websites

Requested urls or urls pertaining to an ongoing main conversation are an exception, however, where possible do paste urls in private message boxes.

Section 5. Chatting Guidelines

The following are guidelines on what to expect if you violate the above: please note that these are only guidelines and actual action will vary depending on the situation and circumstance. All action carried out is at the discretion of theOperator or Administrator.

5.1. Warnings

5.1.1. Warnings shall be issued for violations of Section 2.1. and Section 3 behaviours. Further violation will cause a kick and possible ban (see section 5.2.)

5.1.2. It is at the discretion of the acting Operators and/or Administrators to issue warnings for other violations, this is NOT a mandatory requirement.

5.1.3. Warnings can be issued via the main channel or in private message to the user.

5.2. Kicks

5.2.1. Users violating guidelines set out in Sections 1-4 will be kicked with corresponding reason(s).

5.2.2. Users who have been issued a warning for an offence will be kicked on further violation.

5.2.3. Users violating the above guidelines with other users of #pakistan in private messages will be kicked. For this to be an offence there MUST be at least 2 independent complaints and an attempt to ask the user to stop MUST be made)

5.2.4. Users who have been kicked out are free to rejoin the channel providing they do not commit any further offence.

5.3. Bans

5.3.1 Users who have been issued a warning and/or kicked will be banned from the channel

5.3.2 . Timing of bans:

First ban: 15 minutes
Second ban: 1 hour
Third ban: 24 hours +
Fourth ban: 1 week - permanent ban (Administrator bans only)

5.3.3. Some bans will reflect the gravity of offence and hence the time limit will be at the discretion of the acting Operator or Administrator.

Section 6. Complaints

If you have a complaint regarding a user or member of the #pakistan team please comply with the following guidelines. We regret that complaints that do not follow the set procedure will not be considered.

6.1. Please refrain from making open complaints on the main channel as this disrupts the ongoing channel and can aggravate a situation.

6.2. Attempts to reconcile differences etc must have been made prior to the complaint.

6.3. Any complaint must be directed to Operators and/or Administrators on #pakadmins or in private message to an active member of the #pakistan team.

6.4. If no Operator or Administrator is present please check Complain Reporting area for ways to contact us.

6.5. For ANY complain to be considered, please try to include the following as much as possible:

TIME and DATE of Event
WHO the complaint is directed at
VERY BRIEF synopsis of complaint and events leading to complaint
LOGS to back up the complaint - this must include a log of leading events to the complaint and any private messages that are relevant to the complaint.

6.6. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure you have the logs to back up your complaint. #pakistan do not keep logs of individual behaviour. Please read our forum to find tips on how to save logs.

6.7. Complaints will be considered by 2 members of the Administration team and a response given within 10 working days.

6.8. Once a decision has been made, any appeal process is at the discretion of the Administration team.

6.9. Please note it is not the job of Operators or Administrators to act as mediums for arguments.

Section 7. Action

Action following a complaint will fall under the following categories:

7.1. No action

7.2. Attempts to reconcile difference in an amicable manner

7.3. Warning - this will be to all involved in the complaint

7.4. Warning/Kicked/Banned from channel for those found to have violated guidelines.

7.5. In the case of an Operator(s)/Administrator(s) violation:

7.5.1 warning
7.5.2 suspension
7.5.3 access reduction
7.5.4 removal
7.5.5 kick/ban

Section 8. Final Note

If there is no rule about something on this page or if something is NOT mentioned here,

then it is upto the discretion of the Operator/Administrator handling the situation.


  • shout
  • curse
  • abuse
  • use bad language
  • flood
  • advertise
  • spread virus
  • park clones
  • use scripts


  • respect our users
  • try to be polite, read Netiquette page for manners on the net
  • speak in English or Urdu
  • have lots of fun!

Any suggestions for improvement or changes to make these rules more realistic, can be posted at our forum.