Undernet Pakistan
People of Pakistan

Over so many years the channel has had many popularly loved and hated people that have come and left. We would like to give them a little tribute here by remembering them. Here is a list of names/nicks that come to mind when the past few years are brought into perspective. Who was loved and who was hated is for your memories to decide. They are in alphabetical order. If anyone has been forgotten and feel they should be on here, drop us a line.

Aag - the quiet burn
Aamna - seattle sux
Afsana - twins -r- us
Agent54 - I rule, you all are not evolving fast enough to keep up
Ali - texas, nuff said
Alia - stuck in Indiana
Anarkali - welcome to gla.ac.uk
Anila - found other flirting areas
Anisa - I am Canuck!
Anum - amrikan larki
Astronut - wasn't able to crack
Bakra - baaaaaa
BradPit - only person i saw from netherlands
CheckNerd - Checkie, the nerd !
Chintoo - texas, nuff said
CIA - Guided by faith
Citi/Cake - Responsible adult...rare!
CK - lets make a deal
Cougar - texas, nuff said
Cp_ - cool pal
Dilruba - The machine gun from norway
Diya^ - lost in irc
Dr_riffat 1996-2000 from irc efnet
DrDNA - chemistry rocks!
Elysium - pink hair, rock on
Fatima - Durban! Durban! Durban!
Faz - glasgow wali
Fozia - Australian down under
Frambesia - Alien Brain Muncher
Genius^|^ - my neighbor aurang. adhi karachi knows him
Hadiqa - Toronto party gal
Hal - Singapore rocks!
Hamsheera - Jo'Berg! Jo'Berg! Jo'Berg!
Haq - Cougar-Teddy
Henna97 1996-2000 from irc efnet
Ice-D - the lively scotland kuri
IrFan^ - Dr Lassi .. could annoy but stays
Ishtar - seheli, she can cook turkey?
Jade - welcome to gla.ac.uk
JamesOO7 - Gave afro's new meanings
Javed - texas, nuff said
Jewish_a - Got married and left irc forever
Kajal - texas, nuff said
Kami - bots? we dont neeeed no steenkeen bots!
Khalid - texas, nuff said
Kiki - AOL keela
Kinza - special thanks for the bot
Kor - our hero
Layla - finger painting rules!
LionKing - would make a nice rug...
Londonguy - Sky's the limit...until I own it...:)
Londonkid - Wargirls bro
Marie26 - mon cheri, je t'aime
Missfitt - see Layla
Mozzy - the big Gets...er Bolton
Natalia - Channel Classic
Naz - welcome to gla.ac.uk
Neelum - Sunshine in Philly
Pakheart - Gone tough highs and lows
PepeLePew - You're always remembered in our prayers
Pervana98 - life is a philosophy
pixie - the lady with attitude!
Prince_ - Tag-Teaming with James-OO7
Rani - see Hadiqa
Ranjha - "Hey, I got an own server!"
Ranoo` - "pata nahi"
Raza - Sheerryyyy I LOVE UUUUUUU!!!
Rehan - chicks? where are the chicks yaar?
riDD|3 - sweet riddle
Rodzilla - "no comment"
Sagar - Sayeen
Samina - *smiles*
Sara'' - hehehehehe
Sarah``` - saad saad saad saad!!!
Seema - baji
Senorita - Nice lady with attitude
Shabnum - twins -r- us
Shadz - aye, don't look up my kilt
Shahinsha - *smile*
Shazia - phir se glasgow
Sherbanu - Frequent Flyer Queen!!
Sherkhan - Came in, said "IRC is baqwaas
Shery - someone break my legs
Sindbad 1996-2000 from irc efnet
Sitara - texan tara ! where art thou?
Sod - physics rocks!
Termin8r - the terminator
TicToc - I am a lamer
Tinkoo - texas, nuff said
tsokolat - sleepless in seatle
UnknownX - He wasn't that unknown
Vixie - sadism rocks!
Walker - Norwegian woods?
Wargirl - watch out for bricks
Waseem - florida down under?
Wonderboy - chill, calm, collected, norway..'nuff said
X2 - Salute
Xtremist - disappeared really
Yasmine - I can't stick to one nick
Yikhlaque - student ki biryani
Zaidi - tis the story of a girl
Zara - usc.edu? yorku.ca?
ZaraOpal - the famous op from pindi. Apocalypse now!
Zeba - I don't chat with men!!!!!!
ZeeRock - aussie rock
ZeroByte - shahjahan mama
ZeroCool - Zinda
Zubeida - South Africa rocks!

Thanks to Halai for writing this short history.

New List:

Aadi - Blue Magic
abu_muslim - will ban all ops/admins once he becomes owner
Afsheen - Afsheen ki shairi, stories, and islamic discussion
Ahmiq - Adsense, Google Ads.. Click Click Click=P
Ajnabi - the disappeared singer
aliza^ - Janam Samjha Karo!
Anamika00 - Non stop talking Machine
Ana - HUM agaey hain aur ab HUM jarahay hain
B-o-r-e-d - Most referenced nick :p
babydevil - its been a while since i'm 18yrs old :P
badmash - referred to everyone as Janiii
beehive`` - beehive ka dasturkhwaan... Aalo k Parathay etc etc
besakoon - sakoon ki talash main.. gum hota huwa besakoon
biya - biya ka radio with evergreen songs
blacklist3d - Software Man
black-berry fashion/clothes stuff
blessed` - *broken images* LOL
Bossy: Saari Life IRC py Guzaar di aur sikha kuch bhi nahi... Bilal ka Afsoos
B_COoL - "Utho Raam Gar K Wasio"
C00000L - The stocks guy from Canada.
CaNcErIaN-23 - Kharboozay
Certified - ohh i love to fool people around with girly nicks :P
Chala - Chala feels Kala
ChanChal - masum sherni (masum in nick only.. dont take panga)
chashma - A fellow from spain
ChillPill - Lahori Munda
Chintoo - Could't find a girl younger than himself
Chocs - truely good chatter
choha - drinks wine(calpol)
cHor - MBA ki stories... and his Angel
choti moti - Rishty kerwanay wali :p
chulbula - love to change nicks.. 'i have no comp, no mic, no internet and my cellular was snatched'
Coldice - always talking about pechs
Crocodile - Calls everyone 'mera nashta'.
Culprit - Jaali Dabba Peer
Darinda` - I'm quitting.. will be back after six months or may be a day.. whatever comes first
darius^ - a nurse... dont dare to call him a doctor.. he will put you in ignore
Daz - Shahid
Disssa - what should i eat today, oh did u jus checks my split ac's or my gene's pic?, time to read book on my galaxy note,
dEvILmINd - Shell chahiyay?
DesertDew - a helper
Desert_water - Nazeef
dr_baloch - ANGRY NURSE
duffer - chitta chatter box.. u cant beat him on stats
erum - *erum gol gapay khati hai* Gol Gappa Khaton heh
Fahad - the machli man
fearrr - whaaa.. * Added to ignore list
FitNi - Pangra pawy aik lutt wala
fox-for-fun - major saab
Fundamental -
Fur|ouS - Love the neighbor. But don't get caught...
Gadha - On a Strike for International rights of Gadhas
Game007 - Hyderabadi Kid
ganda`bacha - Shell wala
gold^ - Principal jee
gulo_mian - Joti chor
Guvnor - technical guy.. master of tcl scripting/eggdrop
Halai - our X-owner of the channel
hasan- - always raiding the ladies fridges
Hawk_ - Shell ki dukaan + i will be an IRCop
HelloAdam - An imaginary Person.. lives in imaginations i.e Lahore Beach :p
hellokitty` - *rolls her pretty eyes*
Half-Crack - in a way to become full-crack
Headsup - how how brown cow
Hoor^ - I need a haircut
Ika - aahhh the kids wont sleep
illusion^ - kyun mara zalim
Imran (IamTheOne) - Businessssss Man
IsMaiL`` - Lawn k New Designs, Cotton... Clothes related site =D
iRana - Begum ki Maar sy Bachty howay online... and suddenly *chhapa*
Jia420 - /me slaps nick jol jol say
Jhala - An IT professional
johnnyyyyyyy - endless search for steel girl
JoHnY_BrAv0 - Ulti kardi .......... Yakh
JQ1 - Hakeem jee.. Welcome to Pakistan!!
JuGnOo - Sms ki bharmaar
Kamran` - Error no keyboard. Press F1 to continue
kaNNib^L - loves to pay visit at pakadmins
kash1f - The Best Rj
Khala - I am busy having a life
KhanBaba - Pretended to be drunk and made sense
KhochaL - joke cracking man
Koyal - Karachi ki Koyal
K` - Mishi k karnamay
LaAdLa - A poet.. RimJhim Boy somewhere nowadays
La`Hasil - an attractive and nice nick
Lashes - The cool chatterbox
LazyCat - errr.. the kids restarted the comp
Leo_79 - Tajarbakaar User
liger - you all are here because of me
lilly^ - Orange makeup
lovely` - Granny to so many
M0LAjutt - Jutt Group k Karnamay
MadihaJobs - operator's toy
Malik - Some cooking recipies and Begum ki Maar Say Bachnay K Mufeed Mushwaray =P
mastermindf - everyone curious about "f" of his nick
Mehmal - seen beehive'
MeSmok3r - always asks what u smokes :P
minoo - truely good chatter
Mirza- yar pait kuch kharab hai.
Misk - Chichora NEDIAN
Miss_A - Miss_A ky beauty tips
MitWa - Pta nahi :S
Mohsin - his favorite line 'Waa Yaakh Pakhh'
MuSeBaT - chatter-box total (jab tak begum na aaey sab type krdo)
NAB33L - Uncomplete joke... where the Left *censored* part will be send you via notice
naina007 - Malik u abuse ur power
Naureen - i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hamza
nice^pal - BV ki maar say bachnay k liyeh Chhhuta huwa nice^pal
neonz- - i know EVERYTHING
Optiquest - a decent user who knows how to respects others
Pagal^ - Main tay pagal aan
PakAsia - the farigh user
peacHy: i love smurfs -_-
plat0nic - Car showroom
Problem - a problem always a Problem
QatiL - everyday someone became his latest crush *lol*
Rafique - very serious user but loves to crack jokes in punjabi
Red`Eyez - Tax Walay Bhai Saab
Ribba - she love to skip first letter of your nick.. and gal with lots of "huh"
rimjhim - rimjhim loves to sings
RiZi - match ka rate.. Online javeria
RockStar - Shell walay Bhai Saab
ROYZ - Rj Royz
Rugal - Jo katay na Aari Say.. Woh katay Behari sy :P
sadia-cash - had a torrid affair with SuperPet
SadSalman - the true Genius (May Allah bless his departed soul)
Sameer - Hawa ka Jhonka.. got his Hair-transplant done.. loves to talk about cosmetics
SapPhiRe- - mvzax!!
sand-dune - Miss India!
Shahensha - A millionaire... Pesa Pesa Pesa... *financially support heh*
ShanEAli - was an helper in CService
sherni - !seen beehive` /quit
shumail - all the things started there with /me
soLja - Tenacious is a GIRL
Sophia - i'll come to pakistan
Specialist - Specialist in unknown things
SuHaNi`` - cooking and karachi k khanay
Suha - a decent lady from Australia
Stan` - !seen Hoor ...'need to get my facial done'
stephanie' - *slaps* all the male nicks
stubborn - Stan didnt to came to his Rukhsati
Stupid - Police Man :o
SuperPet - A Photo Gallery and ..........*Censored* =D
SyeDa - Rich khatoon with her new bought products :P
S|raj - bncs ki dukaan
Tanha^Akela - never see him talking in 2/3 years by any chance
Tehreem^ - Faisalabadan khatoon
Tenacious - PR nick PR nick PR nick
Tuff^Guy - Girls Stories......
umeed-e-sehar - an attractive and nice nick
unfathomable - English version of Leo_79
UsMan - url paster
Venus - another version of preeto
V1RU5 - DramaQueen
vigilant: a distracter.. to grab users to his server
weiRddd - maaaa foot
WiseIdiot - Islamabad
yasso - every gal is his bachi :o
XohaiB - london vampire
Zehrila - the sane user
^13MeRa7^ - an old decent user
^PeArL^ - the Copy/paster
`Stallion - couldn't stick to one easy nick
`Warrior - slap him and get a reply oiiii maaa *lol*
`Stream - passes/ shares food. songs etc with limited decent ppl.
_`_ - The disappeared genius