& Etiquette

  • Code Of Conduct for " Undernet Pakistan "

  • This is the Official Code of Conduct


    The details are as follows::

    The Code of Conduct consists of Two Major Sections for Members::


    1) All members of the group have the right to post funny messages & poetry ( except rude, abusive, explict, inappropriate) on the forum.

    2) All members are entitled to upload Multimedia(Photos, Videos, Audio) to the group except explicit, nude, cyber bullying, inappropriate. etc.

    3) All members are not entitled to start discussion topic on group unnecessary about their personal issues.

    4) Members should not use any such language so as with any intention of insulting any member of the group.

    5)All members have the right to complain, to the Admins, about the members violating any clause of group , The reason of complaint should be proper i.e. the member is consistently creating trouble with them or the group.

    == Administrative Rights==

    1) The Admins have the right to edit the group as necessary or as needed.

    2) The Admins have the right to change the group settings as required.

    3) The Admins, as all the members, have the right to create or delete any of the discussion topics created by Admins or other members.

    4) The Admins have the right to form a counsel for sorting out the problems as faced by the members.

    5) The Admins have the right to block any member, temporarily or permanently, who are violating the group rules.

    6) The Admins are not authorized to block any member based on their own differences with them.